Measure Shopify image sizes tool

Not sure what size your Shopify site's images are, when displayed on the frontend? Drag the below button to your Bookmarks, or right click on it, copy address, and add it as a bookmark manually.

Then, visit any of your Shopify store's pages and click on the bookmark.

Measure images



screen recording 1


screen recording 2


How does it work?
It uses Javascript to detect the images in the page, reads their size data, and adds a label with them on top of the image.

Will it affect my website?
Not at all. If you want to remove the labels, simply refresh the page.

Why did it not add a label on several images?
It's possible that the images were not loaded yet. Click the bookmark again, to let the script run once more.

It's still not working, why?
The tool uses a complex algorithm to detect the images, so while the result is accurate, some images might not be possible to detect.